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We really do have it all. From home-based technical concerns to the largest data centers in the world. We have seen and done it all and our experience is at your disposal.


Services For The Home

From PC and Laptop setup and repair, to consumer electronic device help. Trying to navigate the world of smart home devices? We can help.

We can configure and setup your network, optimize slow connections, and secure your phones, tablets, and other devices so that you can have peace of mind.

We can help you recover lost data and help you implement methods to never lose it again.

There’s just about nothing we can’t help fix, setup, or diagnose.

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Computer Setup and Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal

Laptop, Tablet, Phone Repair

Home Networking

Consumer Electronics Setup and Help

Data Backup and Recovery


Services For Business

Paxton Computers is a technical working group with many years of information technology experience. We consist of a diverse group of IT professionals with a complimentary set of backgrounds, experiences and specializations. We collaborate on a number of unique and rewarding projects.

We’ve worked very hard to develop deep expertise in nearly all domains of IT some key ares of our portfolio are:  Cloud Computing, Legacy Migrations, Database Design and Administration, Application Development, Quality Assurance and Testing, Information Security, and Networking. 

Contact us today and we will find an approprieate solution for any of your information technology challenges.

Computer Setup and Repair

Networking Design and Configuration

Data and Disaster Recovery

Website Design, Development, and Hosting

Brand and Marketing Consulting

Staffing Augmentation

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