Fate, It Seems, Is Not Without A Sense Of Irony

Over the weekend, we launched our new website this weekend and we setup the Facebook page as well. Instagram and Twitter will follow shortly. There was an overwhelmingly positive response on Facebook, which was of great encouragement to us.

So this morning, on my primary PC, I noticed that there was no signal to the monitor it was connected to. I left it on, plugged in, and just switched off the monitor last evening. Nothing out of the ordinary, in fact something I’ve done mostly nightly for nearly a year since migrating to this new machine.

I noticed, though not powering on, that the fan was running continuously, and the speaker, mute, and WIFI indicator lights were on and steady showing orange. On newer models, there is usually a blinking light (not audio) error code indication that is associated with some sort of error condition such as with the system board, memory, processor, battery, etc… there is no documentation of those lights showing steadily on and with fan running on a system that will not boot.

This threw me into a minor panic, the kind of panic that is reflexive and automatic, “I’ve got stuff to do, sheesh…” Past experience with these sorts of things led me to take the appropriate steps and I was back up and running within about 15 minutes.

But, I could not help but think of the irony of not being able to repair, quickly, my own primary PC. Despite having never been unable to repair a PC, laptop, server, or just about any sort of computing device. For that brief second, the lizard brain responded and I was indeed relieved when there was a quick and easy fix.

So, even Dean, has to “Just call Dean.”

Anyway, feel free to follow us on facebook.


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